Anterior Hip Replacement in Sydney

Dr Sunny Randhawa performs hip replacement of the highest standard

As an alternative to traditional hip replacement surgery, Dr Randhawa offers the increasingly popular anterior hip replacement.

The procedure involves making an incision into the front of your hip instead of the back or side, allowing the surgeon to operate between the muscles and tissue without needing to detach them from the hip or thigh bones.


Dr Sunny Randhawa is a Sydney hip replacement surgeon who operates at numerous locations. He uses the anterior hip replacement approach (direct anterior approach).

5 reasons to use Dr Sunny Randhawa

  • The front incision spares unnecessary trauma caused by detaching muscles and tendons from the bone
  • Less potential for pain post-surgery
  • Faster recovery time
  • Possible improved mobility
  • Possible reduced scarring

To make an appointment to discuss anterior hip replacement with our doctors contact us on (02) 9194 3385 or book online.