Dr Sunny Randhawa Orthopaedic Surgeon at San Clinic

Situated on Fox Valley Road in Wahroonga the San Clinic is one of the latest developments in Sydney Adventist Hospital’s mission of providing excellence in comprehensive healthcare.

San Clinic Parking

  1. 1. Enter the Hospital at the traffic lights (Gate 1)
  2. 2. Enter via a boom-gate to the left at San Clinic (San Clinic patients only) or  continue down to the new multi-deck car park (all other patients). Take a  ticket.
  3. 3. If you are attending one of the Hospital’s Outpatients Departments or services, or seeing a Doctor in the San Clinic, present your parking ticket for validation in order to be entitled to the Outpatient Discount Fee.
  4. 4. Before returning to your car, pay for parking at one of the pay stations.
  5. 5. Long-term, or weekly parking passes, can be purchased from these pay stations.  Insert your ticket, select Long-term Parking, and follow the instructions.  These tickets cannot be purchased within 15 minutes of entering the car park.
  6. 6. Payment can also be made by credit card at an exit boom gate.


Parking Fees

0 mins – 15 mins


15 mins – 1 hour

$ 5.00

1 hour – 2 hours

$ 9.00

2 hours – 3 hours

$ 12.00

3 hours – 24 hours

$ 15.00

Lost Ticket

$ 30.00

Weekly Pass(repeated entries within a 7-day period)

$ 40.00

Dr Sunny Randhawa Orthopaedic Surgeon Suite 601ASan Clinic, Sydney Adventist Hospital, 185 Fox Valley Road

AustraliaPhone: (02) 9194 3385